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Special Tour Edition Socks

Special Tour Edition Socks

Every month we come up with a fresh design for some top drawer socks! These are available to buy separately and are always included in all our subscription boxes. This month we partnered with GOBIK to come up with this design inspired by the Tour de France - pure French summertime cycling style and top quality.


Performance built-in: We don't skimp on quality. Our socks are crafted with high-tech materials for superior comfort, breathability, and moisture-wicking magic. Conquer hills, sprint like a cheetah, and arrive with feet feeling fresh and fabulous.

More than just socks, it's a statement: Show off your personality, celebrate your cycling passion, or even rock your team colors. These socks are conversation starters on wheels.

Ready to design your dream pair? Head over to our sock builder, unleash your creativity, and we just might make them a reality!


P.S. Looking for the perfect gift? Custom socks are guaranteed to win hearts (and feet)!

    £19.99 Regular Price
    £17.99Sale Price
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