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Brand Spotlight - Maurten

In this month's box (April 2024) we are featuring nutrition and hydration products from the good folks over at Maurten, and we are dead chuffed about it! Their products have won a lot of awards and acclaim with runners and their latest iterations are winning fans amongst us cyclists too.

At Souplesse we love quality backed with science - just see our training plans(!) - and that is exactly what we think Maurten delivers. Otherwise we wouldn't put it in the box. So what exactly makes their products so great?

Science Based Formulas

Maurten take a no nonsense science first approach - this product was built to be effective. Maximum energy delivery to the body with minimal intestinal disturbance. In 2015, Maurten discovered how to make sports fuels easier to tolerate by encapsulating high concentrations of carbohydrates in hydrogels. They've built upon this to offer a range of gels and drink mixes, more recently adding bars to the lineup too!

What is a Hydrogel?

Hydrogels are a biocompatible, 3D networks of hydrophilic polymers with a high water content. Maurten build these hydrogels with natural ingredients; alginate (seaweed) and pectin (fruit fibre). This high water content gel is used as the carrier for carbohydrates. The natural material based gel, creates a protective substrate that efficiently delivers salt and carbohydrates through the stomach to the intestine, where the hydrogel dissolves, and the body can absorb the salt and carbohydrates. Science sometimes looks like magic!

Natural Ingredients

This is one of the best features in our opinion! Ever wonder what damage you are doing to the rest of your body when ingesting I don't know how many gels in a long ride or race? No idea what kind of flavours, preservatives etc are packed away in there? Well, Maurten uses all natural ingredients. The Gel, for example, has just six ingredients: water, glucose, fructose, calcium carbonate, gluconic acid, sodium alginate. The sum total to your body - carbs and a little salt - perfect!

Simple Packaging

It wouldn't be Souplesse, if it didn't have style! All the items are clean, classy, no fuss items (much like the product itself).

What's in our April 2024 box from Maurten?

  • Gel160 - the signature hydrogel technology with a great amount of carbohydrate (40g) for us cyclists.

  • Solid 225 - sweet and natural tasting, carbohydrate-rich (44g), low fibre fuel source - the perfect complement to your hydrogel fuelling when you want to chew on something.

  • Drink 320 / 320 CAF - 80g of carbohydrates in 500ml of water (with 100mg of caffeine for an extra boost - in the CAF).

We'd love to hear any feedback on these products if you've used them before, or how you get on with them in your box this month.

To find out more from the guys themselves check out their site here.

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