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Souplesse CC - April 2024

Unveiling the Inaugural Souplesse Cycling Box: Your Gateway to Effortless Rides!

Calling all cycling enthusiasts! We at Souplesse Cycling are thrilled to announce the arrival of our first-ever subscription box, meticulously crafted to elevate your cycling experience from the very first pedal stroke.

This isn't just any box; it's a carefully curated collection of premium gear, delicious nutrition, and expert guidance, designed to fuel your rides, enhance your performance, and unlock new cycling adventures. Above all else it makes it easy for you to just grab your bike and go, always with the right fuel, kit and cool places to ride.

So, what can you expect to find in this inaugural box? Buckle up and get ready to be surprised (and equipped!):

Nutrition and Hydration from Maurten:

  • Gel 160 makes the most of Maurten's hydrogel technology — encapsulating 40 grams of carbohydrates in each serving. Proven technology built with just 6 natural ingredients — no added colours, preservatives or flavours. For athletes who want more energy in each gel to fuel their training and racing. Winner of Runner's World Best Energy Gel!

  • Bar - Solid 225 contains a glucose-fructose mix that shows similar absorption rates to carbohydrate drinks during low-to-medium intensity sessions. It’s a dose of real on long races or steady training over 2 hours. Something to bite and chew on — with no loss of efficiency for fuelling the body.

  • Drink Mix 320 The world's most carbohydrate-rich sports drink, based on the same hydrogel technology. 80g of carbs per serving (500 ml). Can be used before, during and/or after activity. Our boxes come with and without 100mg caffeine utilizing the hydrogel technology we’ve managed to hide the bitterness of the caffeine. The choice is yours.

Maintenance Items from IceToolz, Morgan Blue & Hutchinson

  • IceToolz Y-wrench 6 in 1, featuring 3, 4, 5, and 6mm hex keys plus flat and cross headed screw drivers - aka the most common tools all in one place!

  • Morgan Blue Chain Cleaner, an active cleaner-degreaser for the chain and gears. This degreaser is used by several professional teams and more importantly is loved by our team!

  • Hutchinson Tyre Levers (pair) - finally tyre levers from people who make tyres! Plastic coasted metal to protect your wheel's finish and still be nice and strong.

Our very first Custom Sock!

  • This will become a feature of the Souplesse Cycling box - cool socks. Each month a different design and a design drawn from our community! Your imagination could be realised in one of our boxes in the near future!

Clothing from Proviz

  • Proviz Neck Warmer made of highly breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that is machine washable. It comes with handy reflective detailing to keep you nice and visible.

Gadgets from Lezyne:

  • Lezyne Stick Drive, an incredibly thin and lightweight rear bike light equipped with 8 super bright LED emitters. Its minimalistic design is optimized for versatility, ease of use and integrating seamlessly with aero seatposts.

Tips from our team:

  • Curated route guide: Explore a hidden cycling gem in your local area with a detailed route map, including points of interest and scenic highlights.

  • Expert training tips: Choose the training tips that best suits your fitness level and cycling goals, designed by experienced coaches to help point you in the right direction.

  • Travel guide for Croatia: never thought of riding in this ever popular holiday spot, think again!


  • To celebrate this momentous occasion, we've included a code for a free training plan for all those who sign up before 31st March. To help take your cycling to a whole other level!

We are confident that this inaugural box offers everything you need to embrace the joy of cycling and push your limits. We are proud to be working with all the brands listed above and look forward to bringing you great items, brands and convenience this month and beyond!

Ready to elevate your ride? Head over to our shop to secure your inaugural Souplesse Cycling box before they're gone! Remember, subscriptions are limited, so don't miss out on this opportunity to experience the Souplesse difference.

Happy cycling!

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