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Souplesse Subscriptions - August

We are excited that this month we have even more choice than ever before! Building upon the nutrition options added lats month we now have more options in each category for even more flexibility for you to customise your box, your way.

Nutritionally we have three bundles, one from each of our trusted brands:

  • Maurten - our favourite combination of Gel 160 and Solid 225. Gel 160 makes the most of Maurten's hydrogel technology — encapsulating 40 grams of carbohydrates in each serving. Solid 225 contains a glucose-fructose mix that shows similar absorption rates to carbohydrate drinks and gives you something to chew on!

  • Precision Fuel & Hydration - PF30 Gels and Chews to rapidly deliver 30g of carbs into your system with a non-sickly taste. Light and easy on the stomach and lightweight and compact to carry.

  • STYRKR - Gel 30, Bar 50 and STYRKRTHON. Gel 30 brings 30g of carbohydrates and a little nitric oxide boost to fuel top performance. Bar 50 has that bit greater carbohydrate content and all natural ingredients to fuel your rides. To recover we love the play on the old Marathon, with the STYRKRTHON a vegan protein bar that is super tasty.

On the hydration front there are options to choose from too:

  • Maurten: Drink 320 / 320 CAF, the world's most carbohydrate-rich sports drink, based on the same hydrogel technology as Maurten's Gels. 80g of carbs per serving (500 ml). Our boxes come with and without 100mg caffeine options, utilizing the hydrogel technology to hide the bitterness of the caffeine.

  • Precision Fuel & Hydration: PH1000 Electrolyte tablets. These are a reasonably strong electrolyte drink designed to help you stay hydrated when you're sweating. Hypotonic formula enhances the absorption of water during exercise. Perfect for warm summer rides.

  • STYRKR: Dual Carb Drink MIX90 - Quick release, fast absorbing and gentle on the stomach - perfect to rehydrate and refuel on the bike.

We are proud of this month's sock design! August is all about the Vuelta a Espana so we thought we'd celebrate that. We haven't gone overboard, kept it simple and classy with a nod to the Vuelta on our classic white summer sock from our friends at Gobik.

Maintenance Items from Topeak, Effetto Mariposa, Muc Off, Morgan Blue & Squirt!

  • Topeak Pocket Rocket - Lightweight, alloy mini pump. Super light, some nice comfort in use features and pumps to 160 psi, should you need it.

  • Squirt Chain Lube - it contains waxes and water in emulsion form that stays clean, lasts long and extends drive train life - we like a wax based emulsion and have used this stuff for years!

  • Muc Off Tubeless Sealant - Formulated from advanced synthetic latex and a matrix of biodegradable sealing particles, it seals holes up to 7mm - nice!

  • Morgan Blue Degreaser - an active cleaner-degreaser for the chain and gears. This degreaser is used by several professional teams and more importantly is loved by our team!

  • Topeak Chain Tool - Simple do-it-all chain tool. Compatible with single and multi-speed chains up to 12 speed. Includes chain hook and chain pin breaker - what more could you want?

  • Velotool Disc Rotor Truing Kit - Designed for precise and effortless adjustment of your bike's disc brakes. Has a tool for shimming the rotor to align pads and then a sturdy fork for truing the disc - no more of that "ssshhhinggg" noise!

  • Effetto Mariposa Allpine Light Bike Cleaner - really effective and great smelling bike cleaner that's completely biodegradable and rinse free if you want!

  • IceToolz Lockring Tool - Effortlessly remove and install your cassette and disc rotors with with this tool. Super handy and we love the guide rod for precise installation.

  • Muc Off Microfibre Cloth - Luxury Microfibre Cloth makes cleaning up your pride and joy an absolute breeze. Split-fibre technology gets rid of any smudging leaving your bike looking stunning!

  • VeloTool Chain Wear Tool - Essential accessory for any cyclist who wants to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of their bike's drivetrain.

  • Silca Super Secret Lube - This lube forms a coating that is indiscernible from hot melt wax dipping. The combination of air-drying liquid wax and Tungsten Disulfide outperforms almost everything in friction testing while being much faster and easier to apply.

  • Topeak Airbooster Micro - incredibly small, lightweight and easy to use CO2 inflator. Precision CNC machined from solid aluminium, and its design allows the user to adjust the flow while filling the tyre.

Treats for you and your steed:

  • Souplesse Designed Ass Saver - A British essential! With weather this unpredictable it is always good to carry one of these, now with a classy Souplesse design.

  • Giro Aero Shoe Covers - These not only protect your much-loved cycling shoes from road grime, the form-fitting Lycra design reduces aerodynamic drag to give you an extra bit of speed when needed.

  • Pelotan Sunscreen - The SPF 30 spray is clear, quickly absorbed, lightweight and breathable. Designed for use by athletes, it has been laboratory tested as lasting up to 8 hours at SPF 30, even with sweat and is used by EF Education Easypost.

  • Chamois Butt'r - The original non-greasy skin lubricant developed by cyclists for use with all chamois. Chamois Butt’r lubricates, soothes, and softens the skin enabling you to be comfortable for miles on all of your adventures.

  • Souplesse Caps - From our friends at Le Col in a Souplesse design - the last word in effortless style!

  • Brick Caps - Add some fun to your ride with the Souplesse design Brick Cap! Little Lego head for your valves and we are told the curved cap he's wearing is worth at least 0.5W!

  • LifeJacket Mineral Sun Stick - Mineral sunscreen means no potentially irritating chemicals and stick form makes it super pocket friendly and easy to apply on those longer rides and adventures.

  • Lezyne Matrix AirTag Bottle Cage -Featuring a minimalist, dual-side-loading design, and cleanly hiding an AirTag between the bottle cage and bike frame for an added level of security. It’s constructed from a lightweight, incredibly durable composite material and provides IPX7 waterproof rating keeping the AirTag dry.

  • Lizard Skins Aramus Gloves - Full leather gloves with some lovely details to make them standout in our opinion. These include the elasticated cuffs and expanded areas of padding to keep you comfy all day.

  • Jango Rolls Wallet - Perfect for phones, tools, keys and cash and cards, and comes in a broad range of colours!

Tips from our team:

  • Curated Komoot route guides: Explore a hidden cycling gem in your local area with a detailed route maps, including points of interest and scenic highlights.

  • Expert training tips: Choose the training tips that best suits your fitness level and cycling goals, designed by experienced coaches to help point you in the right direction.

  • Travel guide for the Basque Region: with the Vuelta on why not plan a little trip to the home of the Spanish national champ, with some of the toughest undulating terrain around?

We are confident that this month's box offers everything you need to take on your next adventure.

We are proud to be working with all the brands listed above and look forward to bringing you great quality, choice, value and convenience each and every month!

Ready to elevate your ride? 

Head over to our shop to join the growing Souplesse Cycling community! Remember, subscriptions are limited, so don't miss out on this opportunity to experience the Souplesse difference.

A reminder to get your orders in before 23rd of July for the first batch (shipping on or before the 1st) and orders in before the 7th of August for the second batch (shipping on or before the 15th)!

Current subscribers, your selection form is in your inbox - set up your box, your way!

Don't forget to join our Strava club too - Souplesse Cycling Strava Club

Happy cycling!


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