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Souplesse Subscriptions - May

Building upon the success and feedback on our first subscription box last month, here is an update to let you know what is in store for May! Firstly, thanks to those who had sneak previews of boxes and samples for all the valuable feedback, which we are putting into practice. This month features more choice than ever before - more options, more good stuff and more ways to take your riding to the next level, so let's get stuck in.

Nutrition and Hydration from Precision Fuel & Hydration (used by GCN & GTN):

  • PF30 Gel is a great way to get 30g of carbohydrate into your system fast. PF&H gels have a very mild, citrus-based flavour (‘Original’) to keep your tastebuds interested during longer efforts.

  • PF30 Chew has a high carb to weight ratio, making them a great choice when you need to travel light, or take quite a bit of fuel with you. Each packet contains 2 chews efficiently delivering 15g of carb each. Simple slight citrus taste is not sickly sweet and keeps from flavour fatigue.

  • PF1000 is a fairly strong electrolyte drink designed to help you stay hydrated when you're sweating. Hypotonic formula enhances the absorption of water during exercise.

  • All these products are vegan and vegetarian friendly!

Maintenance Items from Topeak, Pirelli, Effetto Mariposa, Muc Off, IceToolz, Morgan Blue & Hutchinson! Told you there was more choice!

  • Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX - the ideal travel companion! Features a fine tooth ratchet mechanism with reverse lever and thumb wheel for quick rotation and control in tight spots and includes hardened steel tools in 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm hex, T10, T25 Torx® and #2 Phillips bits, 2 plastic tire levers and magnetic bit holder.

  • Pirelli P Zero SmarTube was designed to match the need for lightness and handling of professional World Tour riders and now is available to you! 70% lighter and 2x as puncture resistant as standard butyl tubes.

  • Effetto Mariposa Flower Power Wax is a performance wax-based lubricant using natural ingredients including a water base and a high sunflower seed wax content. It is harmless to the environment with its formula avoiding any fluorinated compounds (PFAS), graphene or sulphides.

  • Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Sealant has a foaming behaviour that makes it spread evenly inside tyres, covering the whole internal surface very efficiently and ensures rapid puncture repairs. Our team members have used this stuff for years!

  • Muc Off Wheel & Component Brush is shaped and contoured specifically to clean rims and spokes with ease. Its unique design features a rubberised handle and durable nylon bristles; ideal for wheels and components.

  • IceToolz Y-wrench 6 in 1, featuring 3, 4, 5, and 6mm hex keys plus flat and cross headed screw drivers - aka the most common tools all in one place!

  • Morgan Blue Chain Cleaner, an active cleaner-degreaser for the chain and gears. This degreaser is used by several professional teams and more importantly is loved by our team!

  • Hutchinson Tyre Levers (pair) - finally tyre levers from people who make tyres! Plastic coasted metal to protect your wheel's finish and still be nice and strong.

Custom Socks for the Giro from GOBIK!

  • Since it is May, how could we not focus on the Giro?! Classy Rosa socks, Italian flag cuff, and subtle Souplesse branding - wear them with pride!

Treats for you and your steed:

  • Pelotan Sunscreen! The SPF 30 spray is clear, quickly absorbed, lightweight and breathable. Designed for use by athletes, it has been laboratory tested as lasting up to 8 hours at SPF 30, even with sweat and is used by EF Education Easypost.

  • Fizik Bar Tape - classic, classy black bar tape, give your bike some TLC as the season gets going! Who doesn't need this in their spares collection too?

  • Jango Rolls Tool Roll - discreet and secure tool rolls. Available in small and large sizes. Perfect for carrying inner tubes, tyre levers, small multi-tool and a co2.

  • Lezyne Stick Drive, an incredibly thin and lightweight rear bike light equipped with 8 super bright LED emitters. Its minimalistic design is optimized for versatility, ease of use and integrating seamlessly with aero seatposts.

Tips from our team:

  • Curated route guide: Explore a hidden cycling gem in your local area with a detailed route map, including points of interest and scenic highlights.

  • Expert training tips: Choose the training tips that best suits your fitness level and cycling goals, designed by experienced coaches to help point you in the right direction.

  • Travel guide for Italy: it is the month of the Giro after all!

We are confident that this month's box offers everything you need to embrace the joy of cycling and push your limits. We are proud to be working with all the brands listed above and look forward to bringing you great items, brands and convenience each and every month!

Ready to elevate your ride? Head over to our shop to join the growing Souplesse Cycling community! Remember, subscriptions are limited, so don't miss out on this opportunity to experience the Souplesse difference.

Current subscribers, your selection form is in your inbox - set up your box, your way!

Happy cycling!

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