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Cycling Subscription Box - Consumables Only

Cycling Subscription Box - Consumables Only

Saving £20-£30 on RRP, here's what awaits you in each box:

  • Fuel Your Body: Power your pedaling with delicious and performance-enhancing sports nutrition, from energy bars and gels to recovery shakes and electrolyte mixes.
  • Hydration Hero: Stay quenched and focused with innovative hydration solutions, like insulated bottles, hydration packs, and electrolyte tablets.
  • Something for you: to keep you performing at your best on the bike: sunscreeen, recovery products, chamois cream and more.
  • Care for your steed: keep your bike in peak condition with cleaning and lubricating products, spares and refills. 


Souplesse Cycling is more than just a box – it's a community. Join our passionate tribe of cyclists, share your adventures, and discover hidden gems on the road.


Subscribe now and:

  • Skip the shopping spree: Receive a curated selection of top-notch cycling essentials every month. Boxes ship on the 15th of each month.
  • Discover new favorites: Unbox hidden gems and brands you wouldn't have found on your own.
  • Fuel your passion: Spark your cycling excitement with fresh gear and inspiration every month.
  • Save time and money: Get premium products at competitive prices, delivered conveniently to your door.


(disclaimer: photo shown is indicative example not exactly what will be received)

  • This Month's Choices

    • Gels & Bars - 6xMaurten Gel 160 and 6xSolid 225 (or 12 of just gels or bars)
    • Hydration - 3xMaurten Drink Mix 320 or 3x 320 CAF 100
    • For you - 3x Veloforte Vita Recovery Drink, or Muc Off Luxury Chamois Cream, or Pelotan Sunscreen
    • For the bike - Morgan Blue Degreaser, or Effetto Mariposa Flower Power Lube, or Muc Off Waterless Bike Cleaner, or Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Sealant, or Pirelli SmarTube TPU Inner Tube
  • Shipping

    Orders are open until the 7th of the month, with all boxes shipped on the 15th.

  • Customisation

    Each month we will drop you an email to make your selections, pause or change your subscription - flexibility is important to us!

Price Options
Consumable - Rolling
Cancel anytime for complete flexibility
£59.99every month until canceled
Consumable -3 months
Save a further 5%
£56.99every month for 3 months
Consumable -6 months
Save a further 10%
£53.99every month for 6 months
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